Where To Go In 2024 – Win A Self-guided City Walks App For Your Next Trip!

Spring is coming and I have some very good news for you all. I’m partnering with GPSmyCity and we will be giving away 20 FREE promotional codes for a GPS Self-Guided walks app! So, have you planned your next trip yet? Let me inspire you with some ideas where to go in 2024.


Why? Amsterdam is always a good idea. You can take a walk through the city and see the beautiful Dutch canal houses and the picturesque canals. You can also visit some world-famous museums like Van Gogh Museum and Madame Tussauds.

When? The best time to visit Amsterdam is in spring. Every year half a million tulips are spread all over the city.


Why? Antwerpen is the city of diamonds. For decades, Antwerpen is a center of the diamond industry. There’s even a diamond district with many diamond shops and workshops. Don’t miss to try some chocolate – the Belgians know how to do it. Hey, and don’t forget to drink some beer!

When? The late spring and the summer are just perfect for city walks or to sit outside and enjoy your ice-cold Belgian beer.


Why? Bologna is called “la dotta, la grassa & la rossa” and that’s why you should visit it. First, the university of Bologna is the oldest university in the world and that’s a thing. Second, the food – tortellini, tagliatelle and more were prepared first in Bologna. And third, the reddish color of the houses and the beautiful Italian architecture at all.

When? Preferably spring and autumn. It gets really hot in summer and some of the attractions are closed in winter.


Why? Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in the world. It has a rich history that dates back 6,000 years and today it’s the second biggest city in Bulgaria. Along with the Roman theatre in Plovdiv, you can take a walk through the paved streets of the Old town. No doubt Plovdiv was elected as European Capital of Culture in 2024.

When? Every season. While in summer, the days are long and hot, in winter a fluffy white snow covers the city.


Why? There are so many things to do in Dublin. Let’s start with the Dublin castle – a real castle in the heart of the city, Trinity College with the Book of Kells, the Guinness Storehouse and of course, the pubs and the live Irish music. Sounds good, right. But there’s much more because on top of everything else Dublin has so much history.

When? Well, of course, on St. Patrick’s Day! Otherwise – every season but keep in mind that it’s really cold in winter.

Eve, the heart and soul of Littlebigtraveler, has been a dreamer and explorer since age three. Her early fascination with Strasbourg blossomed into a life of adventure. Through her blog, she shares budget-friendly travel tips, captivating stories, and guides to hidden gems, inspiring others to explore the world's vast beauty without breaking the bank.

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