Glamping at BIG BERRY Luxury Lifestyle Camp, Slovenia

BIG BERRY Luxury Lifestyle Camp is located on river Kolpa near a small town called Primostek in the Southeast part of Slovenia, just on the border with Croatia. The seven mobile houses are spread out in a quiet green area with lots of old trees. The core concept of the camp is to offer comfort and luxury and in the same time to stay as close as possible to nature. Furthermore, BIG BERRY is partnering with some local businesses which is great. On one hand, they support the locals and on the other, this is a unique opportunity for the guests of the camp to get to know better the Bela Krajina region trying typical food and drinks or visiting natural sights.

BIG BERRY Luxury Lifestyle Camp, Slovenia


The houses at BIG BERRY are modern and the designers paid attention to every detail – from the heavenly comfortable beds to the rain shower in the bathroom. Each house has a fully equipped kitchen where you can find everything. There’s even a flatscreen TV cleverly hidden in one of the compartments. The thing that shoots BIG BERRY camp up to the top is that you can enjoy a hot tub on your porch. Just imagine relaxing in there and drinking some of the best local wines. Sweet, right? And nothing can ruin this intimate atmosphere because BIG BERRY cares about your privacy. Depending on the size of your travel group, you can choose to stay in a house that can host up to 6 people.


BIG BERRY offers a variety of different activities on site. If you are an active person you might like to play some beach volleyball or try the open air fitness. Swimming in the river is also a great option, especially on a hot summer day. If you are into more peaceful activities, you can grab one of the BIG BERRY’s canoes and row through the river Kolpa. Alternatively, you can join a yoga session or go berry picking. Yes, there’s a small but rich variety of berry plantations.

But what to do if you are not into any of those activities at all and you want to relax? Well, there’s a nice chill-out area where you can spend your days sitting on a butterfly chair enjoying the natural environment or just resting in one of the comfy red beds spread around.

There’s even a Wi-Fi connection all over the camp good enough to share some photos and videos of your rope swing jumps into the river. If you travel by car, no worries. There’s a small parking you can use during your stay at BIG BERRY.

The food

As an Eastern European girl, I admire the good food and the team behind BIG BERRY takes this matter seriously.

Every morning after I got out of my bed I could find a basket on my porch – a bundle of joy consisting of fresh traditional bread called belokranjska pogača, different types of jams, Golden Ghee butter, fruits, yoghurt, fresh cow milk and the greatest apple juice I’ve ever tried from Kmetija Zupančič. I should say that all this made my little foodie soul tremble.

At lunch and dinner, I and the other guests of BIG BERRY were able to visit some of the best restaurants in the area like Gostišče Veselič and Gostilna Müller where we tried some fine local dishes. The food was just excellent and the staff was great.

I’ve spent 5 wonderful days at BIG BERRY and I enjoyed every second there. Surely, I will remember with great affection the peaceful morning walks by the river, the breakfast surprises, the warm smiles of the local people and the cool activities I attended at the camp. During my days there I was able to embrace my luxury of freedom and to get the best of my vacation.

No matter if you are interested in visiting BIG BERRY Luxury Lifestyle Camp in Slovenia or you are just fascinated by the idea of glamping, check out their website. It’s worth to follow them because these young people do so many interesting things.

Thank you guys for having me there and showing me the beauty of Bela Krajina.

As always, all opinions are my own.

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