Heineken Experience – The Life Story of A Beer

Today’s post smells like hops and do not be surprised if you want to drink a beer after you read this. I’m bringing you with me into a museum dedicated to the beer and mind you, not any beer, but Heineken.

It’s not a secret that beer is one of the most consumed drinks worldwide. There are hundreds of different types of beer, but Amsterdam is home to one of the most famous beers in the world – Heineken.

Are you ready then? We are going to Heineken Experience.

The museum is in the same building that housed the first brewery of the young Dutch entrepreneur Gerard Adriaan Heineken. I won’t say in which year this happened. Just look at the label next time when you hold a perfectly chilled bottle of Heineken.

In the museum, we’ll be able to track the entire process from the tiny barley grain to the chilled bottle on the bar. We’ll start with details about the history of Heineken. Then we’ll follow the evolution of the glass bottle of Heineken. After that, we’ll see the ingredients of the beer and how it’s stocked. We will also learn in detail everything about the production process. There will be a chance to try a mixture called wort – a liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing of the beer. I prefer the finished product. I bet you too.

We will participate in a beer tasting. Yes, you read that right, we’ll understand much about the colour, the smell and the taste of Heineken. Then we can happily finish our glasses of samples in an interactive room while watching some of the best advertisements for Heineken.

In Heineken Experience, you will literally feel what means to be a beer (yes, you heard that right as well).

There are many more interactive entertainments, including being a DJ. At the end of our tour, we’ll sit in the Heineken bar with an ice-cold beer in our hands. After all that drinking, we’ll probably want to buy a souvenir from the gift shop. If you still have some energy I suggest you catch the Heineken boat and have a little ride through the canals of Amsterdam. The boat will get us to the Heineken’s fan shop on Amstelstraat 31, where they will give us a Heineken glass.

I hope you enjoyed our virtual tour at Heineken Experience. So if you are in Amsterdam, do not miss to visit the Heineken Experience. And last but not least, consume beer or any other alcohol with balance!

Even if you’re not a big beer fan, I highly recommend you visit this museum. As its name suggests, it is a real experience.

Whether or not you love beer, I’ll be glad to hear your opinion about this experience!

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