Amsterdam Cheese Museum

As I have written before, in Amsterdam you can easily find museums for anything you could imagine. Recently I bumped into something interesting – the Amsterdam Cheese Museum. It is located in the charming Jordaan neighbourhood, a step away from the Anne Frank House.

On the first floor, you can find many types of traditional Dutch cheese like Gouda and Edam. The good news is that the visitors can try them all. The variety is great – from young to very old cheese, smoked, spicy or cheese with herbs, mushrooms and even ham. The most attractive is the coloured cheese:

Green with green pesto, blue with lavender and even pink (red) with red pesto.

If you happen to like some type of cheese you can buy it. Also, there are gift sets that include several different types of cheese, wooden boards, cheese knives, slicers and so on.

Amsterdam Cheese Museum Guide

I took the narrow staircase down to the lower floor. Here you can find the museum, where you can learn more about the path of the milk from the farm to your table. There are also displayed interesting tools, which are used to collect milk in the past and some modern devices.

There is also a variety of boards and cheese knives. Speaking of knives, for example, there can be seen the most expensive cheese slicer, which is decorated with diamonds.

Here is something I’ve learned at the museum. The cheese should be cut into thin slices instead of cubes. In this way, the cheese is exposed to more oxygen and henceforth the taste is more intense.

If you are a big cheese fan and you want to get into it or you are just adventurous, you can dress like a Dutch farmer and take some pictures. Grab a cheese wheel and say “Cheese”. How fun is that!

Even if you’re not a big cheese fan I still recommend you to visit the museum and learn some history and facts. If you’re into it, be adventurous and you may find a new favourite flavour. My personal favourites are the smoked cheese and the cheese with cumin. As a bonus, you can try different types of mustard and jams. The fig jam is marvellous!

There is no admission fee and the address is Prinsengracht 112.

Are you a cheese lover? Which is your favourite?

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