How to minimize the stress of booking a holiday

Although going on holiday is something we all look forward to, any trip can entail a certain level of stress – particularly when you’re booking. You’ve got to find a great destination that’ll please everyone you’re traveling with and book it for a good price.

Everyone deserves a holiday during which they can relax and enjoy themselves. It’s a valuable chance to re-charge the batteries. To help minimize the stress of booking a holiday, I’ve got the following tips. Check them out:



Don’t try and do everything yourself. It puts too much pressure on one person to trawl the internet and find a good deal. Instead, get everyone on board and searching for suggestions. Then you can work your way through the holiday ideas together, and pick something everyone is happy with. That way, you’re starting the adventure on a positive, upbeat attitude.

stress of booking a holiday


Get all your money sorted ahead of time

One of the things you don’t want to leave until the last minute is getting your local currency sorted. There are places around where you can get currency at no commission (unlike at the airport).

If you plan on taking your normal credit card, let the company know you’re going abroad. It will avoid any stress of booking a holiday – and embarrassment – of your cards being canceled due to suspected fraud. Alternatively, it could be cheaper to arrange a pre-paid travel card.


Book transfers

Typically when you arrive on holiday, you don’t know that much about the country you’re arriving in. It can be stressful when you’re faced with loads of drivers yelling at you for your custom, instead of the relaxing beachside destination you booked. Get there as quick as possible by pre-booking a transfer to your accommodation.

Sometimes, you can get a more economical shared shuttle service transfer as a secret to paying less for airport transfers. Although this won’t be available to every destination (if you are going to a private address, the shuttle may drop you at the nearest hotel), you’re able to book and pay upfront.


Dress comfortably

When you’re ready to set off, make sure you remember you could be waiting at the airport for some time. As well as dressing comfortably, take a few things to make your time at the airport more pleasant. These include a travel pillow in your carry-on luggage and wet wipes and tissues to freshen up.


Keep a list of your key belongings

To help pack, some people write lists of what they need. If so, take this list with you and keep it for later. If you’re more of a last-minute, throw it all in a bag, type of packer, then just note down a quick list of your valuables on your phone. At the end of your, hopefully, stress-free, holiday, get this list out and check you’ve got everything before you leave.

Although insurers tend to forgive you for forgetting items on a plane after a long-haul flight, any belongings left behind post disembarkation are unlikely to be insured. Whether that’s jackets and bags left behind in cloakrooms or phones left in the back of taxis, it’s a final stress you could do without.

How do you minimize the stress of booking a holiday? Share your suggestions and advice in the comments.


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