Museum Island Berlin

5 Things You Have To Do In Berlin

Berlin is one of the most significant and well-known cities in all of Europe. Germany these days is recognized as an advanced, forward-looking, and largely progressive country, which naturally leads to many wanting to visit. And while there are other places around this fairly small country well worth making time for, you may want to start with the beautiful capital city. These are just a few tips on things you have to do in Berlin.

Visit Museum Island

Museum Island is a fascinating concept that dates back to the early-19th century when King Frederick William III decided to put a public museum on Spree Island in Berlin. Since then it has grown into one of the world’s greatest museum complexes. Six major museums now occupy the northern end of Spree Island where the old city of Colln was.


Museum Island Berlin


Old, new, renovated and old-fashioned, the museums show a huge variety of different historical and artistic collections. Museum Island is definitely one of the things you have to do in Berlin especially if you have interests in art. Even some of the buildings, most notably the Bode Museum right on the water, are quite something to look at from the outside as well.

Check out Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is probably Berlin’s most famous attraction. And while it doesn’t offer much more than a sightseeing opportunity, it’s fairly incredible to behold. Commissioned by King Frederick William II of Prussia in the 1700s, it’s a neoclassical monument meant to call to mind the Athens Acropolis.


Brandenburg gate


Even now, particularly when lit up at night, it looks like a wondrous replica of Greek and Roman architecture, though it has its own age and history as well. The square in front is a popular spot not only for tourists but locals as well, especially in summer.

See soccer game at Olympiastadion

Olympiastadion was built for the Olympics in 1936 and renovated for the 2006 World Cup. Nowadays it’s a primary sporting venue in Berlin. The stadium is an unofficial home to the German national team, which remains among the best in the world.


olympic stadium Berlin


At the time of this writing, Germany has been widely tipped to go all the way in the 2018 World Cup, and while that won’t lead them to Olympiastadion (given the fact that the World Cup will take place in Russia), it speaks to the quality you can still expect if you happen to catch the national team at Olympiastadion. That being said, witnessing any sports event in this stadium worth a million, even if you are not a keen fan of soccer.

Wander Tiergarten

Unlike many cities around the world, Berlin strikes with a massive park that offers a break from the urban atmosphere to locals and tourists alike. The park is called Tiergarten and it’s the perfect spot for an afternoon walk, outdoor activities and even sightseeing.


Berlin zoo


This 600-plus acre park was originally used as a 17th-century hunting ground but now it serves as a beautiful green space in the very heart of Berlin. Visiting the park is one of the things you have to do in Berlin not only because of the lovely nature but because the Berlin Zoo which is one of the best in the world is located there. Moreover, there are a couple of biergartens where you can enjoy an ice-cold beer.

Try Schnitzel At Schneeweiss

Local food always worth trying when visiting a foreign country. Well, in Berlin, you have to try a schnitzel. No one knows how schnitzel became that popular in Germany but one thing is for sure – it is mouth-watering.




The schnitzel is a tenderized meat breaded and deep-fried usually served with potato salad. There are numerous places in Berlin when you can enjoy it, however, Schneeweiss is said to be the best. It’s a nice and cozy restaurant, in a quiet area that offers a crunchy yet juicy schnitzel a blessing for your mouth.

These are just a small part of the things you have to do in Berlin. Take your time and explore this fabulous city.

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