Accommodation in Bangkok – a brand new hostel in Bangkok

Bangkok – a city as famous as it is infamous and an oriental setting that combines the South-East Asian charm with the modern conveniences we are accustomed to in the West. It has been a favorite destination for the world’s backpackers for decades and it will continue to be one for decades to come. To all of you, fellow travelers and digital nomads let me introduce you to a brand new and promising hostel in Bangkok just perfect to stay at and work from. Read on!

Hostel in Bangkok for digital nomads

Of course, in a city of 14 million, there are plenty of accommodation options to choose from. You have the lowest of the low – hostels – next to five-star luxury hotels. But what if you want a bit of both? A hostel that feels almost like an upmarket hotel and one that is right in the middle of one of Bangkok’s culinary and cultural centers? 

Well, if that is your cup of tea, then Luk Hostel might be exactly what you are looking for!

An out-of-place artifact in the middle of Chinatown

The hustle and bustle were overwhelming. Shop after shop lining the narrow street in the heart of Bangkok’s Chinatown. You can find everything there. From souvenirs and shoes to plumbing parts and food.

As I made my way through the crowded market, avoiding the occasional Vespa riding local, I couldn’t help but think I am at the wrong place.


There is a hostel like Luk here? 

But I was in the right place. Abruptly, the shops on one side ended, replaced by a roll of small trees and a stylish sign – Luk Hostel. Next to everything around it, it looked out of place, almost as if someone dropped it from the sky. 

A glance to one of the newest hostels in Bangkok

Luk Hostel is not a place you will easily forget. It’s one of the newest and most promising hostels in Bangkok. The interior is minimalistic and elegant with a hint of extravagance.

That’s exactly my type of accommodation.

There are nice design touches everywhere. From the decorative fake drawers lining the walls of the reception to the very specific and fancy faucets in the bathrooms.

hostel in Bangkok

I was told the owner of Luk is an architect and it seems he is so detail-oriented, that he had a very particular design idea for every small detail that surrounds the guests. Additionally, the hostel is located in two buildings that have been joined together, so the floors don’t line up, creating an interesting and unique feel.

The rooms encircle an inner enclosed courtyard that extends from the ground floor all the way up to the rooftop and its glass floor, which is not for the faint of heart. Oh, I forgot to mention, there is a rooftop bar.

What is a hostel in Bangkok without a rooftop bar after all?

Bangkok rooftop bar hostel

It features both an indoor part, with a spacious common area, and an outdoor area with long wooden tables and benches. The view over the busy shopping street is fascinating and it’s a decent place to sip on a cocktail on a warm summer night in Bangkok. The best part – the bar does serve food as well. Hooray!

There is a dining room just next to the bar where guests have the included breakfast. And guess what, it is not just some toast with butter and jam! Actual cooked meals! Two of them! Every morning. Classy. And if all that did not impress you enough, there is also a small game room with a PlayStation 4 and a giant Jenga set. 

My room at Luk

My double room featured a big soft bed, lots of storage space and luckily, there was a big desk for work. By the way, the rooms use keycards, not normal keys. Stylish, right?!

Luk hostel offers both double rooms and dorms. I had a sneak peek to one of the dorms too and speaking from my experience it was an excellent one. Unlike some other hostels, you can have some decent privacy here. Every bed has a thick curtain that ensures that. The beds also feature a personal light, an electrical socket, and a little shelf for personal belongings.

All rooms are air-conditioned which is a must in Bangkok, especially during the high-temperature season.

Chinatown – for the foodies

As mentioned, Luk is essentially located in a market area, but there is more to Chinatown than a run-of-the-mill market. There are also a lot of shops that sell gold jewelry and the Golden Buddha temple is nearby. But Bangkok’s Chinatown is not famous for its gold. No, it is famous for its food! 

At night, Yaowarat Road, to which Luk is very close, transforms from a typical Bangkok street to a foodie paradise! Food stalls line the street, with vendors offering something for every taste.

Bangkok Chinatown Food

Fish, meat, sweets, fruits, nuts, everything you can think of is there. And at reasonable prices!

This makes Yaowarat Road very popular with both locals and tourists. So popular, in fact, that a lane of the road is coned off to allow more space for visitors. The large, almost Vegas-like signs above the street just add to the unique atmosphere.

Bangkok Chinatown

During the day, there are still plenty of options to get your tummies full. From small stalls with tables and chairs on the side of the street to diners, fast food joints, and high-end luxury restaurants.

In short, you aren’t gonna starve in Chinatown and, if you are a foodie, you are in for a treat!

The verdict

Overall, Luk is an excellent hostel in Bangkok that, at times, doesn’t even feel like a hostel. It is clean and comfy and its location is great, if slightly overwhelming. Yes, there are cheaper places to stay at in Bangkok (though, from experience, I can say that those are not worth it) and more expensive places. However, Luk strikes a perfect balance and I absolutely recommend it!


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