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Gaasperplas Park (Gaasperpark) is not just another city park. It’s located on the outskirts of Amsterdam and despite the numerous pathways and benches has kept its wild charm. A large part of the park is occupied by a lake with ducks and swans and the rest – with forests, meadows and… rabbits. There are canals, bridges and piers which make this place very picturesque.



History of the park

The place where today is situated Gaasperplas Park, was used to extract a sand for the construction of the nearby neighborhood Bijlmer. Later, in 1982, this area hosted the International Flower Exhibition Floriade. After this event, Gaasperplas was turned into a public park.



The Park

Gaasperplas impressed me on my first visit there. When we got off the subway we found ourselves on a small square, where the pathways of the park begin. We headed straight and found ourselves on a children playground and there was a lake with a beach nearby.

There are dozens of trails and pathways and probably one day wouldn’t be enough to see the whole park. Most of the trails are suitable for bicycles. Besides walking and riding a bike, there are some other activities you can enjoy in Gassperplas park such as horseback riding and rowing

You can meet different animals in the park. There is all kind of birds, but you can frequently meet rabbits, too.




The pathways pass through wooden bridges over small canals. During exploring the park, we happened to find some beautiful and peaceful places like this below. One of the pathways runs along the lake. You can just sit on one of the piers and enjoy the nature and the sailing boats.

There are endless green lawns perfect for a picnic or barbecue, playgrounds for children and several beaches on the lake. Undoubtedly, these are the busiest parts of the park, especially on sunny days.




If you decide to be an explorer you can choose some of the smaller trails. There is a big chance to find some secluded pavilions, scenic and peaceful places to relax or other hidden gems.



Gaasperpark is open every day to offer you peace and relaxation. The Gaasperplas metro station (line 53), and several bus stops (41, 47, 49) make this place easily accessible.

If you have still not visited Gaasperplas Park do it as soon as possible. Dear expats in Amsterdam, this park is a wonderful place to escape from the busy city life and relax during the weekends. Do not miss it.

Have you visited Gaasperpark already? What do you think?

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