Visiting Amsterdam for the King’s Day? Here is what to expect

It’s April and it’s blooming time here in Amsterdam. It feels like spring although it’s a bit cold and windy sometimes.

On 27th of April, we celebrate the birthday of King Willem-Alexander or as it is widely known – the King’s Day. This is probably the biggest event of the year and the whole country celebrates it. There are lots of tourists, too. So, you are visiting Amsterdam for the King’s Day celebrations? Here is what to expect.

Orange, orange…


Orange is the national color. That’s why on King’s Day people wear orange clothes, hats or accessories. If you don’t have orange clothes, don’t worry. There are plenty of places you can buy something. Try in HEMA or Action for cheap deals.

Free markets


The free markets are an inevitable part of the King’s day. The local people sell things which are no longer needed, from old clothes and jewelry to books and furniture. There’s also a Kids’ market where the little ones sell cupcakes, toys, and clothes.

Unusual games

There are so many interesting activities during the celebrations of the King’s Day. I find some of them quite unusual but still, really fun. Hey, have you ever tried to smash a cherry tomato with a hammer? I bet you didn’t! Mind you, it’s not that easy.

Parties all night, all day

The specialty of King’s Day is the parties. They start the night before King’s Day. Most of the bars and clubs have special programs. In the morning, it’s time for rest and around lunch, the party starts again. The municipality of Amsterdam organizes big open-air parties in several locations. Keep an eye on Iamsterdam website for relevant and up to date information. All day party, music and lots of alcohol. Yep, some folks usually end up with a pretty hefty hangover.

Crazy people


Well, some people take King’s Day really serious and drape themselves in orange from head to toe. But that’s not all. Walking on the streets of Amsterdam you can see really crazy people like these pink bunnies. Thumbs up, guys!

Public transport delays

On King’s day, some of the trams and buses don’t run, especially in the city center. There’s also a big chance of delays and traffic jams. The metro is the best way to get to the center but might be crowded.



Streets are flooded with people and the chance to be robbed is quite high. Be careful and take with you only the most necessary things. Having a backpack is a really bad idea. Have fun but have your eyes wide open, too.

Tons of rubbish

I have to admit, I’ve never seen something like this before. The streets are literally covered by bags, cans, and bottles. It looks like a post-apocalyptic scenery. Fortunately, next day morning the rubbish disappears.

The best thing about King’s Day is that it offers activities for everyone from kids to party animals. It’s a day full of joy so put your smile and enjoy it as well as you like!

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PS: Don’t forget to wear your orange crown!

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