National Tulip Day, Amsterdam

Every year in mid-January, in Amsterdam we celebrate The National Tulip Day. On this day, the tulip season which lasts until late April begins officially. The central Dam Square in Amsterdam hosts a colorful tulip picking garden of about 200,000 tulips. At noon, the garden is officially open. You can enter and pick a free bouquet of tulips. A wonderful way to deliver the spring spirit at your home.

Денят на лалето в Амстердам

An interesting fact is that the tulips were brought to Holland from the Ottoman Empire. The word tulip derived from the Turkish tülbent means turban. In the 17th century, they were so rare and valuable that a single bulb could be exchanged for a canal house. The possession of a tulip bulb was a true status symbol. Many citizens lost their entire fortunes and died in poverty.

I’m a person who loves tulips and I’m so lucky to live in a place where I can enjoy them almost every season.

Денят на лалето в Амстердам

Every year I patiently wait for January to come. In 2015, the National Tulip Day was on January 17th. The weather was sunny and relatively warm for January, perfectly suited for picking tulips. After the official opening ended, thousands of people lined up and entered the garden. It took us about 40 minutes of waiting before we accessed that sea of colors.


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