About Me


I’m Eve a globe-trotter with a heart full of wanderlust since my earliest days. My journey began at the tender age of 3, with an inexplicable fascination for Strasbourg, a city that sparked my lifelong love for travel.

Growing up in the vibrant and diverse country of Spain, my student years were spent journeying through its rich landscapes, from the bustling cities in the west to the serene Mediterranean coast. Immersed in Spain’s deep history, colorful traditions, and stunning natural beauty, my passion for exploration and discovery was profoundly shaped.

As time passed, my childhood dream of visiting Strasbourg continued to inspire me. When I turned 20, my yearning to explore new places, delve into diverse cultures, and witness the marvels of the world became overwhelming. What started as a youthful fancy has transformed into my life’s pursuit: to journey across the globe and share the enchanting experiences of travel with everyone.

On Instagram, I often upload pictures of Amsterdam and the rest of my travels.

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